Jason Cole

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Like most patients diagnosed with cancer, I was afraid I didn’t have much time to live. I started the chemo and radiation and felt their effects immediately. I felt it was literally killing me, and with all the additional medicines they were giving to counteract the chemo, I was shutting down. I had what I call ‘the death face.’ Jason Cole was at death’s door. Yet now, about a year after my initial diagnosis, I’m cancer-free. How did I reach this point? It took a patient and determined wife, and the arrival of some unexpected medicine men – and consistent, daily doses of cannabis oil.

The Diagnosis & The Visitors

“I was determined to survive cancer, even if it meant breaking federal cannabis laws in order to medicate.”

Jason Cole - The DiagnosisMost who hear my story react with outright disbelief. Until you see it, it’s really hard to believe. It just blows my mind. I who lived with my wife and children in a small town in Pennsylvania, was diagnosed in March 2015 with anal cancer – a very rare yet aggressive form of cancer. Despite all of the medical attention I was receiving, I felt like I was given precious little time.

I was freaking out, because I was dying, and I believed the medical professionals were helping speed it along. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a couple of dear friends named Brian and Lew appeared in my life. Their whole mission is just to help people, and they are true medicine men in my book. Their actions set me on a course that would quickly change – and perhaps save – my life.

The Recovery & the Reaction

“Our medicine should make us better, not the opposite.”

Jason Cole - The ReactionBrian and Lew provided me with several different cannabis products, including multiple concentrates of cannabis oil. After only a few days of taking the Cannabis Oil, I noticed such an improvement in my appearance that I decided to significantly up my dosage. I would henceforth eat cannabis-infused oil four times a day, as well as take daily cannabis “dabs.”

The results after the coming weeks were nothing short of astounding. My health not only improved, but me and Virginia soon found the pharmaceuticals I’d been prescribed to be either redundant or, at worst, counter-productive. I chucked the pharmaceuticals and continued with the cannabis treatment. At that point, I had cancer, but was off all the pharmaceuticals, I gained 20 pounds back of the 60 lost. It was like a night and day difference!

Over the course of the next several months, my condition improved so dramatically that my doctors expressed feelings ranging from wild excitement to stunned disbelief. “Keep doing whatever you’re doing,” they would counsel. However, when I would inform them of the methods we had adopted in treating my condition, the doctors did not seem interested in hearing it.

The Future

“I am just one cancer survivor of many out there spreading the word about cannabis.”

Jason Cole - The FutureWith my health improving daily, but still some side effects from chemo/radiation, my life and my family life once again back to a semblance of normalcy, I have chosen a course similar to that of my medicine men: to spread the word about our discovery with those in need.

I have spoke in front of Pennsylvania Senate several times, to speak of my experience and to raise awareness of the issue. I also finds myself counseling many cancer sufferers who contact me looking for information. Cannabis, after all, remains a banned substance at the federal level. And while Florida is on the cusp of now legalizing medical cannabis, the true irony is that I had to break Federal and State law to treat my life-threatening illness.

I feel as I now have a giant target on my head, because I did come out, and it is completely illegal here, so what do we do? But since I’ve done the multiple interviews and I’m out there, the outpouring for help that comes to me via our door, email, our phones, has been unbelievable. How do you not help people? How do you have this information, have access to this, and tell people ‘no’? Doesn’t that sound like a great a question for the U.S. Government and every other country currently banning cannabis?

If you agree that we all deserve access to this medicinal plant, please share this article with friends and family. You never know whose life you might save.