Tangerine Haze

Strain: Tangerine Haze
Type: Sativa-dominant Hybrid
Genetics: Original Soma Seeds + New York Diesel + G-13 Haze
Geographic Origin: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, bred &
selected in the USA
Seed Company/Clone: Elite Clone-only Variety
Smell: Tangerine + Floral Aftertaste
Taste: Tangerine + Citrus Zest
Awards: None


Tangerine Haze

Description: A very special phenotype of Soma’s original NYCD x G-13/Haze, Tangerine Haze was discovered by the Devil’s Harvest Krew in 2003-04 and has since become something of a legend, especially in Colorado. The plant is one of the most uncanny-smelling fruity strains on the planet, smelling and tasting exactly like a freshly-peeled tangerine, down to the sensation of the semi-bitter skin. It grows tall and vigorously, forming strong creamy orange colas that perfume the room.


Story: Moonshineman, original member of the “Devil’s Harvest Krew,” speaking on the strain’s genesis: “One of the most of ten overlooked elements of the DHK was the ability of its members to grow out multiple identical packs of seeds, compare the best females in order to find true Keeper’s. The DHK “Tangerine Haze” is one such example. Members picked up the original G13/Haze + NYCD from Soma seeds in 2003-04 and over the next year each grew out of this pack of seeds, compared the best females and it was obvious which female stood out (at least in flavor). Nicknamed Tangerine Haze, this strain is still fairly hoarded even though it has been passed freely for the last couple of years. You guys can thank Erawk for that find!”


Flowering Time: 65 days, it tends to lose some of the tangerine quality if let go beyond that point.

Preferred Growing Medium: Tangerine Haze grows tall and works best when it’s flowered early on from clone, when the plant is approximately 10” and has established itself.


Scent: The smell of Tangerine Haze is legendary as being one of the few fruit named strains that is a perfect replica of its namesake, filling the sinuses with a pungent and uncanny tangerine smell with a floral backdrop.

Flavor: The flavor is almost more tangerine heavy than the scent, even going as far as to give the flavor of the semi-bitter skin or citrus zest along with the fresh citrus at tack. The flavor tends to linger in the mouth and sinuses for a long time after consumption, which increases the already amazing taste appeal of this strain.

Effects: Tangerine Haze isn’t the strongest strain around, but it lives up to its Haze name, uplifting the user’s mind-state and filling the body and mind with a buzzing energy. Great for creative pursuits, outdoor activities, and anything that can be enhanced with a slight shift of perspective – Tangerine Haze is a wonderful daytime strain that leaves the user feeling capable and at ease mentally.