Strain: Querkle
Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
Genetics: Purple Urkle + Space Queen + Romulan + Cinderella 99
Geographic Origin: California, USA
Seed Company/Clone: TGA/Subcool Seeds
Smell: Musky + Sweet
Taste: Grapish + Sweet + Musky
Awards: None


Description: Querkle has two main phenotypes. One pheno is shorter and more purple, while the other trends toward the Space Queen and lacks the coloration and also has more of a Sativa effect. It’s a moderate to heavy yield, especially if it gets a long veg time and lots of root space.


Story: Romulan and C-99 are both legendary strains despite existing on near-opposite sides of the cannabis spectrum. Striving to create a grape-tasting plant with a quicker flowering time than the original Urkle mom, TGA/Subcool opted to cross it with their Space Queen, a potent hybrid of C-99 and Romulan. This shortened flowering time and helped stabilize the plant, creating a variety with only two standard phenotypes and mostly retaining the taste/aroma of
the mother.


Flowering Time: About 8 weeks Preferred Growing Medium: Subcool recommends vegging it to a large bush or growing it untopped via the SCROG method for best yield.


Scent: Much like the Urkle mom, it smells of musky yet sweet grape and dark fruits — the Space Queen leaning pheno can have notes of the C-99 sharpness as well.

Flavor: Moderately sweet but with a lovely sharp quality, the flavor is much like the smell, consisting of candy grapes and musky, almost Kush-like flavors.

Effects: Depends on the phenotype — the Space Queen-dominant one generally offers a slightly more heady Sativa experience. Normally though, you can expect a relatively sedating experience with major mood elevation, body relaxation, and sleep aid at higher doses.