Power Kush

Strain: Power Kush
Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
Genetics: Afghani + Skunk #1
Geographic Origin: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Seed Company/Clone: Dinafem Seeds, feminized only
Smell: Citrusy + Musky
Taste: Citrusy + Spicy + Smooth
Awards: None


Description: A hearty and quick flowering variety, it has slender leaves for an Indica-dominant plant and produces a large amount of thick, creamy-orange pistils. When it’s finished, it produces a citrusy aroma with a light skunky backdrop — it ’s a moderate yield, but a problem-free type of experience, overall, good for beginners.


Story: Dinafem’s workhorse Afghani-Skunk mother plant was self-pollinated and selected over several generations to produce the feminized Power Kush seed stock.


Flowering Time: 45-55 days depending on phenotype

Preferred Growing Medium: It’s an easy plant to grow and responds well to any type of training. It can get tall in Skunk-dominant phenotypes allowed to veg for a longer period, but otherwise stays fairly bushy, with a lot of side branching.


Scent: Surprisingly fresh citrus with a background of skunky musk

Flavor: Citrusy and spicy, with a smooth smoke

Effects: This strain has a classic effect, mood elevating while also being very relaxing. The body becomes instantly warm, while the eyelids droop and the eyes fill with pressure. Recommended for body relaxation, a mental uplift, and minor pain relief. Depending on phenotype and harvest timing, it can be heavier and more sedative.