Strain: Hanis
Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
Genetics: Landrace Kunduz Afghani + ‘98 Bubba Kush + ‘94 Positronics Haze
Geographic Origin: Texas, USA
Seed Company/Clone: Clone Only
Smell: Chocolate + Coffee Musk
Taste: Chocolate + Coffee Musk
Awards: None


Description: Deep, richly-Indica genetic lines in the Pre- ’98 Bubba Kush and the hand-selected landrace Kunduz Afghani fuse with a nearly-pure Sativa in the vintage Positronics Haze, giving this plant an amazingly unique smell and flavor as well as a robust hybrid growth pattern. The plant’s structure and look, like many Bubba crosses, takes after that plant primarily, but grows a bit taller and has stronger stems thanks to the influence of the other genetic lines. When let go late or in cold temperatures, Hanis finishes in beautiful shades of purple, red, and black.


Story: Breeder “Tierra Rojo” is known for breeding mostly outdoors and growing entirely from seed stock, and this plant came from his projects in Texas, later being moved to Colorado. The 1994 Positronics Haze used in this cross is one of the oldest plants in his stable, but represents an extremely pure Haze line. The Kunduz Afghani was sourced personally on a trip to Afghanistan in the mid-2000s, and is a pure landrace from the Kunduz region, which is known for its hash-making varietals.


Flowering Time: 65 – 75 days

Preferred Growing Medium: Produces best when trained into a multi-cola bush, either with aggressive low-stress training methods or via topping. The flowering time depends upon the effect desi red, as plants let go until day 75 will provide a much more narcotic effect and hashy flavor.


Scent: Hanis has an extremely unique aroma that brings to mind superglue or acetone – the Haze, Afghani, and Bubba blend together to form an aggressive aroma that seems to contain elements of all the parent strains, yet results in a smell unlike any other. That unique attack combined with the Bubbadominant chocolate and coffee musk background make Hanis an exotic and complex strain that will please anyone who appreciates the rare.

Flavor: The acetone/superglue element of the smell comes through on the initial flavor, but the lingering taste is all Bubba, with that signature greasy, musky, chocolaty finish that hangs in the mouth and sinuses for some time.

Effects: The Haze part of the hybrid is apparent early on, as this strain has moments of raciness and an definite mood/energy uptick as its early effect. Lots of eye pressure and a buzzing body move the experience on towards its more relaxing second half. Quality muscle and mental relaxation blend with a general equilibrium mentally (both in mood and function), making this feel like a true hybrid.