Maher, Marijuana and Millions

Mary Jon

By Mary Jon

Bill Maher, popular among young liberals, makes the news by doing what no one has done before. Lit a joint. The thing that made this unique was that it was lit on his HBO show broadcast to thousands live, millions of hits soon after. Now, Maher is allegedly being charged millions for a simple puff-puff-pass.

Maher hosts a popular HBO series Real Time with Bill Maher. The emmy-nominated show hosted by Maher has gained traction among many people, especially the college democrat demographic. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bill Maher has made a name for himself not only in comedy, but advocating for marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage. Long story short, Maher is a ballsy influencer that has a platform.

February 12th, live on his hit show, Real Time with Bill Maher, the host reaches in his pocket; not knowing his next action’s repercussion is a million dollar fee. Bill Maher reached in his pocket, pulled out a join & lighter and lit a join – on air. This was the first time that this has happened on television. He joked that he needed it medically, then passed it to Killa Mike, one of his guests that evening.

A few online reports indicate that the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC, immediately fined the talk- show host. Whereas there are a few conflicting reports, multiple sources indicates that Maher was charged $1.7 million for smoking the doobie on television. If true, that’s more than three times the charge of Janet Jackson’s super- bowl costume mishap in 2004; fining the show $550,000. Allegations that the FCC enforced such a harsh fine was to “deter other comedians” from doing the same, said Chairman Tom Wheeler. The Federal Communication Commissioner further questioned the comedians’ motives by asking, “what if kids see this?”

Maher responded with humor to Deadline Hollywood, “This is an outrageous fine and the FCC has no authority to dictate what I do or don’t do on television. “Sure, maybe I should not have passed the joint, but I’m not a selfish person. Puff, puff pass is the saying in case you didn’t know.” Maher and team have hired an attorney to fight the charges.

Whether Maher intended to or not, this could be the most expensive hit in the world; if true, costing millions. This story is developing.