Music & Marijuana

Mary Jon

By Mary Jon

The momentum of the legalization movement has brought attention to the use of marijuana across many spectrums, but has always had a special place in the music industry. Artists like Willie Nelson have never been shy about their use and love of the green plant. Music and marijuana go hand-in-hand like squirrels and trees. This article explores the musicians that support legalization, mentions in mainstream pop-culture and the science of music.

The mainstream media has either eluded to or outright mentioned marijuana throughout the decades. Whether its Rick James’ Mary Jane or anything from Snoop Dogg, music has never been shy from the subject. Ganja has been mentioned by Sublime, Nas, Three 6 Mafia, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Cypress Hill, Black Sabbath and many, many others. The thing that makes marijuana remarkable, especially in music, is that a diverse group of artists all sin about it; different walks of life, very eclectic, come together for cannabis.

Many musicians have been outspoken advocates for weed. We all know Willie Nelson, but stars that have spoke out in the name of pot include Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Snoop Dogg, Dave Matthews, Justin Timberlake and [surprisingly] Barbra Streisand – to name a few. The biggest fight for marijuana is to create normalcy around its usage. Music, especially concerts, are usually synonymous with billowing clouds of weed smoke. Many smokers’ first experience was surrounding music. There has and will always be a connection with weed and music-waves.

The science of music is extraordinary. Studies have shown plants that are exposed to music grow faster than others. Other experiments show resounding regularity in many mental illnesses. Music can be therapeutic, physically and spiritually. Marijuana heightens the senses in many users, enabling the specifics of the music to be observed. Music and weed can reach an emotional state in people, along with becoming one with the music. Music and marijuana can both release dopamine – the pleasure hormone. The science explains that marijuana can enhance the pleasure of listening to music.

There you have it. Marijuana has been tied to many notable musicians and is more mainstream than ever – as an added bonus, it makes music sound better. Light a joint and jam.