Medically Speaking: Marijuana & Pregnancy

Mary Jon

The column, Medically Speaking, is dedicated to providing informative articles pertaining to the medical benefits of marijuana. Every article will bring readers a wide perspective of views on whether medical marijuana is a cure & legitimate for various diseases and illnesses. Exclusive to HazeNation! – by Mary Jon

In the United States, over 4 million babies are born. To the average person, it may seem that marijuana would be harmful to a woman’s pregnancy, but recent research indicates it may not be as harmful as originally thought. Two studies, one in the 1960s and one in the 1990s, as outlined below, find far different results. Ultimately, marijuana does not harm the development of a child during or after pregnancy.

In the 1960’s, doctors concluded that it is harmful to have a baby while inhaling marijuana during the first trimester. Doctors said that women who smoke weed during pregnancy may directly affect a baby’s nervous system growth. The study goes on to say that mothers who inhale medical marijuana during the pregnancy may have a higher chance of getting leukemia. Dr. Gerald Briggs, who is a clinical pharmacist, goes on to say, “Children of heavy pot users may also have problems with short-term memory, concentration, and judgment.” These findings had no evidence of research that was able to be found. Many doctors believe this is not true.

On the other side of the spectrum, many doctors believe there is no harm whatsoever if a woman decides to smoke marijuana during pregnancy. Women may smoke cannabis during pregnancy to cope with the symptoms of pain and morning sickness. The most famous research was done by the Dean of Nursing at Rush Medical Center in Chicago, Melanie Dreher. In 1994, the researcher, Dreher, went down to Jamaica to see if these findings of doctors like Briggs are indeed true. She researched two sets of women. One that smoked heavily during pregnancy and one that didn’t at all- Dreher also continued the research on the children born one year after birth to record findings. Although she was expecting to find problems in growth and neuro tests, but the babies in both test groups weren’t harmed whatsoever. The most amazing of Dreher’s research finds that the babies born after heavy use of marijuana by their mothers, actually had socialized more quickly, were easier to engage and made eye contact quicker. The research was later published in the American Journal of Pediatrician. The research teaches us that it is not harmful to smoke during pregnancy, it may be even beneficial.

Cannabis is a legitimate form of medicine for the symptoms of pregnancy, along with not harmful to the baby’s growth and development. It’s that simple.