Medically Speaking: Marijuana & Depression

Mary Jon

The column, Medically Speaking, is dedicated to providing informative articles pertaining to the medical benefits of marijuana. Every article will bring readers a wide perspective of views on whether medical marijuana is a cure & legitimate for various diseases and illnesses. Exclusive to HazeNation! – by Mary Jon

The fight for marijuana reform has reached a high within the United States. Although states like Colorado and Washington have legalized the drug for recreational use, it should be noted that marijuana is still a legitimate medical cure and aid for many diseases and illnesses affecting Americans. One of the illnesses it may actually have an adverse effect on is Depression.

According to the World Health Association, over 121 million people suffer from some sort of depression worldwide. Depression is a disease that makes people feel blue, uneasy, sad, or just plain crappy. Most people suffer from these feelings for short spans, but depression elongates these feelings. Major depression affects everyday activities, making them seem impossible to overcome. In the United States, 14.8 million people suffer from clinical depression in a given year, according the World Health Association.

The unique difference between depression and other anxiety disorders is that medical cannabis can, in fact, have a potentially negative effect on the disease. Some researchers and doctors have even gone as far as saying the use of weed can actually cause depression. A report by Gregory E. Simon, MD, MPH, Senior Scientific Investigator in the Center for Health Studies at the Group Health Cooperative indicated it may, in fact, effect it negatively. Dr. Simons’ research says, “Using marijuana can certainly contribute to or worsen depression. Low motivation, fatigue, and withdrawal from positive activities are central features of depression and marijuana can worsen each of those problems. Some people do say that marijuana dulls anxiety or negative feelings. But it also dulls energy and motivation. And we know that activation and engagement are key parts of recovery from depression.”

Cannabis is a super medicine that assists many citizens with many diseases, but it is not a proven medicine for depression and as reported, it may in fact, cause it.

For more information on Depression and the effects of medical marijuana, please consult your Physician or Therapist.