GROWING TIPS: Preparations

Grow Tips

By Farmer George from HazeNation Magazine Volume #5

This month is on common sense. On what you need to buy, and what the stores and nutrients companies want you to buy. Really people, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have a great room to grow your medicine. There were no hydro stores around 200 years ago and they grew the Indian Hemp seed well. Lets go over three simple things to do to save and save BIG.

First, lets talk soil. With prep work, the soil will work for you and not your wallet. I will have to say from start to finish, that the best I have seen is Black Magic soil. (Black Magic soil produces 12-14 oz. of plants on water alone. 25 gallon pots and NO NUTRIENTS used at ALL This saved me a ton of money and produced some top shelf medicine.) Anyhow, look for a strong balance of P-K-N and add a little extra earth worm casting and perlite to it. Let it sit for a week or two and be sure to mix it up every so often for air flow. I have even put fresh fish in the bottom of the pot to have the rich, old school farming to it.

Second, decide to either grow inside or out. If inside, then start with having the power in the grow area switch to 220 power, then for lights 1000 Watt HPS with a sunpulse SPLITTER (it turns it into a 2x 600 Watt HPS which is great). Now, with the SPLITTER, you have 2 lights putting off 90 Lumens per Watt & running less power than the 1000 watt HPS that you started with and this means less yeat. Yes, less HEAT. With you doing this and having 2 or 4 lights inside your grow ops, you can do it cheap and get more, way more, for your buck.

Third, lets talk Co2. You can get ExHale homegrown Co2 bag. It’s cheap (around $29) and it lasts for up to 6 months for 4-6 plants. You can do the math on how many bags you want in your room. These are some of the best ways to get the most out of your start up investment.

Farmer George